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Reporting Violation of Code of Conduct, Unethical or Illegal Conduct:

Managers are responsible for creating an open and honest environment in which employees feel comfortable in bringing issues forward. To support this open and honest environment and to ensure all employees of the organization have a clear understanding of expectations, the Company has established a statement of its Core Values and Code of Conduct.

Employees, officers and members of the Board who suspect or know of violations of our Code of Conduct or illegal or unethical business or workplace conduct by employees, officers or members of the Board have an obligation to report such violations.

Under most circumstances your supervisor or manager should be your first point of contact for whatever ethical concern, question or complaint you might have. Suspected genuine violations of the Code of Conduct, unethical or illegal conduct should be reported through the above channel. In the event your supervisor or manager is involved in the incident or if action is not taken or your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, you should report the matter to senior management. The chairman of the audit committee should be contacted if further action is needed.

To report concerns you might have about possible misconduct beyond your supervisor or manager, contact:

Donald Dunn
Interim President
Universal Mfg. Co.
402-261-3851 [office]

If further concerns, contact:

Jeff Einfalt
Chairman of Audit Committee
Universal Mfg. Co.

Retaliation against employees who come forward to raise genuine concerns will not be tolerated.

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